Sometimes you just sit and wonder…

Wonder why

wonder when

wonder where

 and wonder who changed the others.

How does it happen?

why does it take place ?

What did  I do, what didn’t I do?

How was I to know..

And now how do I find it in me to care any more?

Did it matter?

When did it matter?

And why doesn’t it seem to matter any more…

Sometimes the pain deep inside kills all the other feelings

so you just let it go.

You have to let it go.

Just let go.


Amazing grace……

Amazing grace can be found when you least expect it, and when you didn’t know you were seeking it.

Sometimes life  throws you a curve, and you find yourself lost and feeling alone.

A crowd of people means nothing when no one can hear your heart or  voice crying out for help.

You smile, they means nothing to them whether you’re there or not.

So what do you do to find yourself again?

Give the lost and alone feeling away to the only One who cares.

He will always love you..nothing can come between you. No sadness, no loneliness

will ever stop His love.Thank heavens He’s there even in that hopelessness.

In that loneliness.

In those moments that are way beyond you to bear.

Never really alone..never really abandoned no matter how it seems.

Thank You, Lord.

 I feel Your warm arms surround me, I feel the unbelievable perfect love only You can give.

In Your Son’s Name..Amen.

An Absence of Solace

Where did it go?

Was it ever really there?

Did I only imagine  it  was there in  the first place?

Was that closeness  of  love ever in my life?

I don’t have a clue where I stand..

I don’t know if I ever knew where I stood.

I thought the look of love was there in his eyes,

but now the look is more like I am despised.

Where did it go

was it ever there

Was it imagined

or was it always untrue.


VerLen Patricia Sheehan

A haunting life of loneliness, no solace to be found,A need to count for some thing before landing in the ground.Standing in a crowd or alone across the room, no one seemed to see her in her life of utter gloom.Whether speaking aloud to others or silently watching from afar, no one even noticed that she stood there, trying to hide from all the scars.If she walked away tomorrow would anybody see, the haunted smile she hid behind to mask her misery.

A better day…

This is the day to look ahead without turning around to see what was left behind.

No regrets. No sorrow…No worries about  what will happen tomorrow.

We can’t always plan for what will be in the future, because what will come,

will come any way.

Don’t worry about what was,  you can’t change it any way.

For me, I am.

 Live in the moment as much as you can. What you were and what you will be

is something you can’t control,

the reality of today is all that you need to be on the safe road to

I will succeed.









Remembering a Very Special little Girl..a child of light , and  a child of joy, who was taken from our sight way too soon.

 Seven years of  lighthearted childhood, followed by four years of cancerous trials.

Now five years of missing her, and all of her smiles.

We miss you Gloria, more than we can say,   but   remember that  we will  see you again some special day.

Peace and  The Love of  Christ to all of you.

Gloria Marie Elizabeth Rose Strauss..Feb. 20,1996-Sept. 21,2007

Gloria..Glow..Daughter, sister cousin and niece and granddaughter

and friend…

Born to Doug and Kristen..

Sister to Alissa, Maria, Joseph, Anthony,Samuel, Vincent and baby brother Dominic.

The dynamics of family are always in flux. When she was fighting cancer she was surrounded by family and friends,

and people from around the world.

All prayed with her and for her as she hoped to get a cure so that others would come to know God.

She was afraid those who were new in the knowledge of  Him would be diminished by her getting her miracle in Heaven.

But those people still know Him and remember this remarkable child whose light will always shine…

Glow, though every one misses you, we also know that you..and Anthony..are not so far away….

Shine on!!!

The Strauss Bunch!!

The pix on the right is Anthony and the one on the left is Gloria..a brother and sister that new brother, Dominic will know from stories…
Happy Birthday! Doug, when I think about you, the word FAMILY stands out so much. I took this photo at your house and it speaks volumes. Love all of you so m…

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Hi, World!

So, I tried writing my first blog last nite, only to discover that I

know just as little today as yesterday.

Don’t write the blog in the heading..really, it doesn’t fit and all those clever words run off with no one ever seeing them…tho that may be a good thing.

I’m sure you all woulda been fascinated by my rich humor ( who am I trying to kid) but since I’m old I don’t even remember what I wrote.

I figure I may be up to at least quarter timers in old people’s diseased minds quotient, but what could I do about it any way.

SOOOOOO, I still make or try to make jewelry and rosaries. And I love to help raise money for Charities. The main one being Gloria’s Angels…a great cause by the way!

I f you find you have any time on your hands and know how to do this blogville sorta thing, write on back and I’ll see if I can find it to read… Signing..a much better choice for ears every where….off from some where in Computer World

VerLen…yes the L is capitalized…talk to my mom if you don’t like it.( She’s 90 tho so don’t upset her.)