Conspiracy Theory

It’s a Conspiracy…

The dishwasher decided to join the Sheehan household revolution!! It’s not fair, but life rarely is. First it was that sneaky refrigerator that decided to die when newly filled with food. Even after we got a new one the insanity continued. The ice maker figured it was perfectly okay to work for one week, then go on strike. If that isn’t enough, even after the technician came over to fix it, it still has an attitude. I mean, does your’s randomly throw ice at you when it feels you’ve used the wrong polish to keep it shiny? I could tell you stories! And I’m convinced it’s been complaining to the other electronics. The computer is behaving strangely, as well. But today things got worse. The dishwasher has died…Oh, I know it picked right before Christmas on purpose!

We have the lovely little gifts to buy; we were just at our yearly auction, where I HAD to buy stuff; and we like to help others have a great Holiday, too.So I’m sure you can see I’m right about the timing. And, I hear whispering going on between the fridge and oven, even as I write. I know it’s only a matter of time. So I will sign off on this complaint  with a few more words….Honey, remember that fridge we gave each other for our fortieth anniversary in August? Merry Christmas..Guess what we’re getting for Christmas.


The Bully….

 What do you do about bullies? Number one….it is never ever okay to be one. EVER! Kids are learning to bully from the cradle. They aren’t corrected at home, or daycare, or in school. We are too afraid to cause waves. We don’t hesitate to cause trouble if  somebody dies from that bullying , but then it’s too late. If  they were told it was wrong from the beginning, we wouldn’t have to wonder where the point of no return is for the victim. Sometimes  you can’t see  the edge of the  precipice they’re  standing on, until  it’s too late. I hope no one  else has to prevent the suicide of  someone they know. I have, twice. One was a friend… the other was  my own child. When the decision is made to end the pain , it may be too late to  to stop them. There’s  no apology big enough or loud enough to change anything after the victim  is dead. So if you are a bully..grow up. If you are the victim, report it. If you know a bully, don’t stand there doing  nothing. We can make a difference. But, WILL  it be in time? After they’re gone, it will be  too late to say you’re sorry……..

I wrote this for Josh Groban who was being bullied by a small minded idiot. This Guy seems to make a living by treating people this way. Well, Guy, Josh doesn’t deserve it, nor does any one else. Any one who bullies another person has an incredible mental flaw. But if they bully Josh, they are an even bigger fool..Do they have any idea how many mama bears Josh has standing ready to defend him? Grobanites unite against bullying.It’s a worldwide problem.So, Guy,if Josh is actually your friend, you’re very lucky to have him.Don’t mistreat him or anyone else, though. There are a lot of us Grobies and you don’t want  to upset us.

For Josh Groban, a most wonderful person…..from one of your mama bears..We’ll protect you from the jerks.

Mom Versus The Fridge

I was sitting here minding my own business…well I was writing…anyway, it just growled at me .I’m trying to be objective and not take it personally, but because of the past, I’m wary. Please don’t start acting up again, oh beautiful new refrigerator freezer. I’ll get the polish out and shine you up nicely, but you have to be nice in return. I’m stepping away from the counter and going for the Pledge. If nobody hears from me sometime soon, please call my family. Here kitty kitty…want to help me with the fridge?  No, I’m not going to throw the cat into the line of  fire. Really, I won’t. She’ll stand by, just in case.

Standings: Fridge 4/ Mom 2

Apparently using an alternate kind of polish was frowned upon by the refrigerator..I ran out of the fancy Pledge, and the substitute wasn’t well received. As I walked by a few minutes ago to get more tea, I think the ice maker sensed further involvement was necessary, so it tossed an ice cube at me. AT ME, not to me. I won in the end…my glass is full to the top with lovely cubes of ice, but I’m not going to turn my back  on it  when I pass by again.  Just saying.

Younger Version of Sydney the Giraffe

Sydney The Giraffe….

Sydney the giraffe was a quiet fellow. He loved to watch the other animals at the AnyTown zoo. The monkey twins climbed trees and acted silly. The elephants liked to take cooling baths. Sometimes, Joe the peacock showed off his fancy tail and other times he  showed his crabby mood by dragging it  along behind him. Charlie the rooster was always crowing about something. Whether it was early or late, you always knew where Charlie was. Penelope the pig was just the opposite. She stayed to herself and was usually found in her mud wallow. She loved her mud! If a pig could wear a smile, then she was the pig you wanted to  get a picture of.

Though Sydney loved his friends at the zoo, he was beginning to want to stretch out his neck and see some new places. His favorite thing  of all was roller skating .  He owned the most  beautiful skates with shiny wheels and long red laces. Lately, he’d heard rumors of another kind of skating.  He needed to see what ice skates were like, and buy himself a pair. But where would he find them?  Because giraffes couldn’t talk, Sydney couldn’t ask for help. The first thing he was  going to do, though, was leave the zoo and begin  his quest.

So Sydney packed up his skates, put on his tan hat and was on his way. After going a couple of blocks, he felt safe enough to put on his skates. He stopped in the park to remove his high top tennis shoes, then slipped his feet into his awesome wheels. With everything stored in his backpack, he skated on, a gentle breeze blowing across his brow. Now this was the way to travel!

As Sydney neared the nearby primary school, the kids started to notice him. He pushed himself close to the wall  so the teachers wouldn’t see what the fuss was all about. After a moment, he breathed a sigh of relief and rolled on. THAT had been a close call. A few minutes later he faced a new problem. A very steep hill lay before him. Stopping suddenly, he tried to find a way down that would be safe. Finally, he decided to get down by using the grass to slow his speed. At the bottom, he turned to see how the hill looked from below. Whew! It looked a lot steeper from there.

Pushing his tan hat to an angle, he marched..or skated on. This freedom was great!  There was so much to see beyond the walls of the zoo. Restaurants, gas stations,  and houses were everywhere. He had no idea where all the people came from, but they were exciting to see. There were tall ones, short ones, round ones and skinny ones.He loved them all. Some had blonde hair or red hair  or beautiful shades of brown and black. His favourite hair colour was red. The way the light played in the strands reminded him of the fall leaves. And the people came and went with such gorgeous tones of skin. It was as if an artist had painted each one with a special brush.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a police car so he ducked under a tree. Were they looking for him? He wasn’t taking any chances. Finding himself to be thirsty, he skated over to the fountain near the center of the park. The people in the park paid no attention to him; they were too busy to worry about others. Sydney felt safe so he started off across town. The people here weren’t concerned about animals walking  among them.

Three blocks over and four blocks down, he stopped to look into a pet store window. Hearing a small sound near his feet, he looked and found a small black kitten watching his every move. He hurried away in case someone  would think the kitten was his. But to his surprise, the kitten was still at his heels. Going faster, Sydney reached the end of the street. Looking around he was dismayed to find the kitten still there. Sighing heavily, he reached for  the cat   only to find himself  pounced on by the  bundle of fur.

Well, this was new and wonderful. He loved hearing the soft mewling in his ear. Hmm. Maybe he would keep…….Winslow. That was it! Winslow the cat. It was a good solid name. But where did you carry a tiny pet while traveling on  an adventure? The kitten figured out the answer for itself  by  trying  to burrow  into the back pack. Sydney moved his supplies around to make room for his new friend. The tiny kitten curled up right next to the sneakers. The quest continued.

Sydney’s next concern was food for the cat. Sydney could easily find leaves to eat, but the kitten needed real food. Getting an idea, he walked to a restaurant two doors away. Seeing him there with a perplexed look on his face, the hostess came out with a bag of fish scraps. ” Take these,’ she said with a smile.”We’ll have more later.”

Sydney returned her smile. Nodding to her, he headed away to find a place for them to eat. Little Winslow ate the food hungrily, then resettled in the pack for a bath and a nap. Sydney grinned broadly at the sight. People said AnyTown was a good place to fill your needs. It was true. At that moment he heard the bells of the church chiming  the time. It was six o’clock in the evening already. He’d walked a long way so the day had gone by quickly. Sydney was as tired as his friend. Yawning widely at the thought of sleep, he made his way into another city park,  found a comfortable place under the bushes and went to sleep.

The next morning brought sunny skies and a warm wind. First on the list of things to do, was find the place with an ice rink. Just down the street, Sydney noticed two young girls  carrying some unusual skates. Maybe following them would bring him closer to the end of his quest. Keeping pace with them, he was soon standing in front of a domed building with wide doors and spacious windows. Laughter reached his ears as he opened the door to follow the girls inside. There, right in front of him, was a magnificent expanse of ice. Now, if he could find those skates.

“Yoohoo,” a voice called to him from a desk located across the entry. The kindly lady  was happy to fit Sydney with the skates he needed. Because a class for new skaters was just beginning, he was able to  start skating immediately.The coach said he was a natural as he watched him glide across the ice. It was as if he’d been born with skates  for  feet. Winslow watched from a  nearby bench, purring the entire time. He, too was impressed.

When Sydney’s time on the ice was over he found himself surrounded by excited people. Even the coaches congratulated him on his fine skating. In fact, it was agreed he should return the next day. As they left the rink, Winslow meowed his approval.

It was time for Winslow to eat again when the pair left the rink, so they searched out another food source and were rewarded with fine fish scraps for Winslow to eat. Eating contentedly, the cat didn’t notice Sydney taking careful bites from nearby trees. Sydney never ate many leaves from any one tree because it  would look awful  if  he  left  bald spots. Sydney really love this town. he had made so many new  friends, and he’d started to do so many new things. Not everyone here was helpful, but for the most part, he could find a hand when he needed one. Really, he should spread the word  about this wonderful place.

His thoughts were interrupted by Father John from the local church. ‘Sydney, my friend.” The pastor stopped to shake his hand.” I was hoping to find you today. I need some help finishing the painting at the parsonage.  You’re the perfect person for painting the ceilings.Could you help?”

Father John waited only a second before Sydney nodded in agreement.

“We’ll expect you when we see you.” With that, the good priest was on his way to find more volunteers.

When Sydney and Winslow got to the parsonage they were put right to work. The golden yellow color was a perfect match to the accessories already bought. The room would be breathtakingly beautiful when finished. A few hours later, the living room, kitchen and dining room were done. They would return the following morning to do the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Winslow and Sydney slept well after all their work. Getting up the next morning wasn’t easy, but the painting began again at eight. Winslow spent his time painting from atop Syd’s hat. Sydney worked carefully around his friend using broad strokes of paint.

By afternoon, the parsonage was done and the painting brigade had gone home.While  leaving the church, Sydney and Winslow spotted their good friend, Edward, the bookworm, walking across the street. They hollered for him to wait.  First they needed to say goodbye to Lenny, the carpenter who was working outside  the church. He was a  soft spoken man who worked hard and needed little thanks. He  did jobs for parishioners, too, but he didn’t want a fuss made of his skills.He could tackle any problem, but preferred to help in his own quiet way.

“Hi, there, Edward, “greeted Winslow as they crossed the street.” How are you this fine day?”

At the sound of Winslow’s voice, Sydney  stared at his friend in amazement. He didn’t know he could talk. Well, this would come in handy, he thought, with a  gigantic  grin on his face.

The dark haired man pushed his glasses up on his nose as he answered.” Well, I’m doing great. How are you two?”

Sydney smiled before Winslow answered.”Couldn’t be better. Just finished over at the church.”

“That was today? Well, I missed out on that one.Please let me know the next time there’s a project and I’ll help.” He dropped his head ,embarrassed to have forgotten. “I’ll see you later. I’ve got work to do. I’m finishing up a book on football players from the sixties and seventies. Later.” He turned and started a way, nearly slipping off the sidewalk. “Oops!, he yelled back toward them, with a laugh. “Gotta watch where I’m going.”

Sydney and Winslow laughed along with him.It was  funny how people reacted when they goofed up.

The sky was turning to a dusky blue, when they reached the park. Winslow suggested they get some food at the Fire Fly Diner. Sydney agreed and they headed that way.Two streets over and one street down, they arrived at their destination. After placing their orders, they sat back contentedly. Winslow put an arm around his friend.

” You know, Syd.I am very glad we met. I couldn’t be more happy.  How about you?”

Sydney looked at his friend for a second. He nodded and patted his friends head. Then he nodded again.

“Yep ,me too, Syd,” the cat agreed. “This is wonderful. AnyTown is the perfect place for us.”

With the sun sinking below the western hills, all  the citizens seemed to  sigh  at one and the same time.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx VerLen P. Sheehan

Freedom…mine and yours

I would fight to the death to defend everyone’s right to have an opinion and to vote however their mind and heart guides them..This is AMERICA, and hundreds of thousands have actually died to give us this right. Please don’t presume that people of different votes and opinions are wrong when their right isn’t the same as yours…We will never grow as a nation as long as the opposing parties can’t w

ork to solve problems for EVERY American, regardless of skin colour, religion, and individual votes. This is what AMERICA is supposed to be all about, but so many have removed God from our rights…everyone’s rights, that we don’t seem to care about every person who lives here. I am white..a woman.. and a child of God…..all those who died for my freedom, gave me the RIGHT to say this…Now ALL of you also have the right to say who you are…WHOEVER that may be..FEEL FREE TO SAY WHAT YOU BELIEVE! I will fight for your right to do so!..and I don’t have to agree with your politics to do so.