Attack on Josh Groban…no way

So,you consider yourself capable of expressing the feelings of Catholics everywhere or what? Your disgusting comments about Josh Groban and his family are beneath contempt. I don’t know who is foolish enough to pay you for your work, but they should stop. YOU are an embarrassment to all Christians,but most especially to the Catholic Church.I would think you could find much more productive things to do instead…like a long time out in your room while you rethink how a good person,a Christian person is supposed to treat his fellow man.If we wanted to discuss families, maybe your’s should have spent some time with you behind a woodshed.Josh Groban’s talent is world are not.Jealousy is a sin.SO, get over yourself and apologize for most of what you write.

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The Person Who Is Josh Groban

So right off the bat, I’m no expert on  Josh Groban. But from my own view, there is no reason for any critic to say negative things about him. His talent as a singer,  writer, and performer,  speak for themselves. His caring nature shines in everything he does for the world around him . His funny, and  little bit  quirky  personality are what his  admirers love most. That smile, those warm brown eyes, and his humour let you see who lies beneath the talent and fame. If Josh couldn’t sing a note, didn’t have a single hair on his head, and was just the neighbour down the road, I would want him for a friend.

But he is a vastly talented person who deserves respect from critics. An uninformed, negative  opinion is nothing more than bullying  from somebody who’s paid to be rude. I have no admiration for that person, their job, or for the company that pays their salary.

Most sincerely stated, VerLen Sheehan

Autism..Know the Facts

Before anyone thinks they know what made the killer act, you need to know Autism. I’m not  an expert, so you’ll get no facts from me. Contact someone who is, read up on the subject, but don’t jump to conclusions. I have 5…yes 5, autistic cousins and I know many families with precious  autistic family members. And though 2 of my cousins can react with  violence and are separated from society because of this issue….NEITHER of them could plot or carry out an attack. They are brilliant, they have a problem few want to understand,  but they simply couldn’t do this deliberate act. I am 100 percent certain that this  mass murderer of babies acted on a sadistic hatred of anyone who got his mother’s attention  while feeling  he gone none. This was the plot and actions of a sick and dangerous madman. He  had problems that were far removed from Autism. What made him act as he did was  a behavioral problem of some sort: It was NOT autism. I pray for the victims of this senseless crime, I pray for their families, and I pray for everyone in America for the pain we are all going through. I pray that an arrangement will be made to rid our streets and cities of assault rifles and guns. you don’t need them to protect your home or feed your families. An assault gun or rifle is for one thing..mass killings by mass murderers.

Make it harder, no, make it  impossible,  for these instruments of death and destruction to land in American citizens hands.


Most sincerely, VerLen  Sheehan


A World Without Music

I don’t want to imagine what life would be without the magnificent sound of music. Consider the city filled with everyday sounds, the country with sounds of it’s own, and the silence of the desert in the middle of the day. What if those were the only sounds we heard? Horns honking angrily, people who are out of control,  shouting to anyone who’ll listen, the squeal of tires that anxiously try to stop in time, and the moans of the homeless no one listens to. Without music to heal our minds, soften our angry thoughts, and calm the animals who hear it, where would we be? We’d be no better off than the wild beasts of the forest. No better off than the birds at sea or fish swimming the oceans. It’s music that offers a chance to relax, take a moment to think before reacting and helps us to control impulsive behavior. We are members of the animal kingdom, but we are not meant to act like uncontrolled beasts. Without music in the schools, without arts in the schools, we will create children who are less than they could be. Let every child in America be all they are supposed to be.Keep the arts in school. Keep music in schools. Fill our minds and  souls with the blessings of music.

Donate to Find your Light Foundation

I just donated to Find Your  Light Foundation in memory of an almost ten year old boy who passed away on the 29th of December, 2011.He loved his last Christmas, said it was the best their family ever had.Many Christmases were marred by the illness of his sister Gloria, and then her death in September of 2007.They deserved to have a wonderful celebration last year.No one guessed that Anthony Strauss would be gone four days later, from a terrible accident that occurred on the twenty seventh.

If you have someone that you want to honour or remember, consider donating to Find Your Light, who bring the gift of light and music to children.

Donate at Find your Light

Donate to Find Your Light Foundation

I just donated to Find Your Light in memory of an almost 10 year old boy who passed away last December on the 29th. He loved his last
Christmas..said it was the best their family had ever had.. The many Christmases before then were marred by the illness of his sister Gloria, and
then her death in September 2007… so they deserved to have a wonderful one last year. No one guessed that Anthony would be gone four days later,
from a terrible accident that happened on the 27th…If you have someone you’d like to honour or remember, consider donating to Find Your Light
Foundation, who bring the gift of  light and music to children.

When there is darkness…

When there is darkness all around you in this month of December, remember to call on the Lord for strength and comfort…pray for one another and for yourself, as well. I am Praying for all my friends and family, especially for the Strauss family who face an anniversary at the end of the month that they never wanted or needed in their life. If you know them personally, call on them, visit them with your prayers, and help to guide them through the first anniversary of Anthony’s death. They had already lost their daughter, Gloria in 2007, from cancer. They certainly never expected to be visited  by  the cold fingers of death again. When your world looks dark, remember they will have two empty seats at their table at   Christmas, the same empty chairs they face every day.  I thought losing my dad fours years ago right before Christmas was horrible, but it pales in comparison to the loss of two precious children. There is a huge difference between a ninety year old man who passes away from cancer and a young girl of only eleven. The accidental death of a small boy two weeks before his tenth birthday, and a few days after Christmas, is cruelty itself. If you are having trouble dealing  with the darkness of December, and  are missing the people you can no longer see at Christmas, remember this family in your prayers. It puts our losses into perspective. My prayers are with anyone who has lost somebody, especially at this time of year. Keep your heart tuned into the Lord.  He  is always there for you. Even when you can’t feel Him, His arms surround you. And to Find Your Light and share it with Children, Donate to The Find Your Light Foundation..who bring light and music to chidren.

The Darkness of December

The Darkness of December

When I was a child I didn’t notice the darkness that prevails in the month of December. There was so much excitement over the buying and giving of Christmas gifts that the lack of sunny days, bright days, went unnoticed. Also there was an anticipation of snow in the cold air arriving out of Alaska and the Fraser River Valley area of Canada. Having two weeks off from school was also a positive thing.

But as an adult, the giving of gifts is the only  real joy of wintertime. The short days and long nights bring a darkness to the body and the soul that is increasingly difficult to handle. So many people suffer from this darkness; sometimes giving up on life entirely. Last year, 2011,was the ultimate in negative experiences for the people closest to me. My family lost my dad to cancer 4 years ago. That wasn’t easy, but we knew he had to go in order to beat the cells that were ravaging his body. That  anniversary of his death was more  difficult for me than when he passed away.

But the worst was yet to come .My husband had a cousin who was desperately fighting a darkness that no one knew existed. His friends, family and his own mother did not expect her to find her son lying dead in his home, dead by  his own hand. No one knew. If that wasn’t enough to make the month of December bad; almost beyond our means to cope with , a family we know well, lost their second child to Heaven in 4 years time.

Their daughter, Gloria died in September of 2007 at the tender age of 11. Cancer had taken it’s toll on her for four long years before it released her to the Lord’s hands.Her family was left with an empty place at their dinner table. That was when they noticed her absence the most. But December 2011 promised to be a better Holiday season.They had a wonderful Christmas. They were expecting a new baby come February; excitement was in abundance once again. Then December 27th dawned and ended in a tragic way. Anthony, 9 years old, the next to the oldest son and brother, was found not breathing in his bedroom. Two days later his parents had to make a horrifying choice. Turn off the machines and let dear Anthony go.

To have to say goodbye to one child had already been  hard  to bear, but this, what was this? Now they have two empty chairs at their table every day and night. The only real bright spot in this last and torturous year has been the birth of a new son, a son filled with love and giggles and joyous smiles. Dominic can not take the place of his missing brother and sister, but he is so wonderfully alive. You can’t help but love this new addition to their family.

But it’s December again. The darkness is creeping in. The memories  are stark and painful.  The love of our Lord God, and Christ His Son will renew us, strengthen us, and start the healing to begin. In this darkness comes  a Light from Heaven to give us hope, to heal our hearts, and restore our souls.

When you feel that darkness, feel overwhelmed by it, find someone to talk to. Don’t give into it. The sun will come again. The Son will come again, as well. Find your strength, renew your soul at the feet of our Redeemer. All hope is not lost  if you open your eyes to the real truth. Open your heart to the One who gives us life…and who gave us His Son. In Jesus Name, Amen. Chase away the darkness, Oh, Lord…….