The Cloak Of Darkness

Imagine you are sitting in a dark room, alone. The sounds you hear make your heart beat faster and faster as fear mounts. Your eyes are closed and you clutch your hands together tightly.You want the darkness to end, but in this room crowded with unseen obstacles, you’re not sure how to find a light switch. Finally you stand and reach for the things around you hoping they will help you reach your goal. But you bang your body hard against an unmoving force. Dear Heavens, what is it ? Is it a danger to you? Should you try to run, but no, you cant see to get away. So you stand very still. You’re more afraid of moving than you are of whatever is in your way. Your fear reaches a crescendo and finally a scream makes its way through your lips. Louder and louder it projects its sound into a distant hallway. An answering yell is heard. The voice isn’t familiar, but at this point you are uncaring who finds you. The lights flash on and every corner of the room is flooded with lovely brightness. But even with your eyes staring all around you, there is no relief from the deep well of blackness. A darkness that is so new and frightening. You can not see. You’re totally blind. This blindness is a new reality that will never go away. You need help and they told you there was a way to learn to maneuver in your new world. It’s time to visit the Carroll Center For The Blind, where they can teach you to move around more freely. They will introduce you to a new friend who will be your constant companion. The gift of a seeing eye dog and the training to use him in every corner of your world. It seems a miracle at first,and it is. A miracle waiting for you to come discover it. With the help of donations both large and small, you will find your way in this Cloak of Darkness. 

Please consider donating to The Carroll Center who make miracles happen every day. Give a Tax deductible donation of your choice. There is no donation too large or too small, and you will bring light back into eyes once filled with panic and fear.Donate Today.