I will never understand how paid critics get hired.It must take being a cold and almost inhuman person.I’m guessing they’re hired to criticize a subject they know nothing about and have no talent in.The meaner they are the more they like themselves.They seem to have no relevance in what the public appreciates and likes.If I want to buy music  or go to a movie,I find reviews are pointless and almost always in error.Perhaps the best thing to do is read the reviews that are bad and buy that movie ticket or music CD.

People who rely on negative reviewers opinion will likely miss something great.
My suggestion is to pretty much ignore critics..I mean the name itself tells you where they’re coming from,and ask your friends what they like.You’ll come out ahead that way.
Critics…paid bullies?
Sometimes they are sincere and talented writers.Sometimes they are nothing beyond a negative personality in written word.
Yeah…ask your family and friends.Don’t rely on a paid opinion.

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