Ask God

My daughter came home from kindergarten one day and wanted to know why she didn’t have a beautiful brown face like the handsome little boy in her class.I explained that God had used lots of colors from his crayon box to create us and that all the colors he’d chosen were beautiful.She still wasn’t happy when she looked at her arms,so I told her to ask God about it someday. 

I don’t know if she’s ever asked Him,but she did seem somewhat satisfied with my answer.One thing I did know,tho,she didn’t know  that some people see the difference with hatred in their hearts.

I wish she still didn’t know that,but as a nation,we seem to be going backwards.What does that say about the intelligence of some?Bigotry and discrimination are a result of stupidity and ignorance.Is that what our country should be known for? I think not.

It’s time to grow,it’s time to know,it’s time to celebrate every shade in the crayon box,each as beautiful as the next.


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