In our lives we acquire many things that we think are important to us.But how many people truly take ownership of things.

We own homes,we have kids,we have cars and sometimes businesses.But how well do we know these things.How we treat them and regard them makes all the difference to the success of them.

We may own a business,but never understand how it works,or survives,or how to fix it when things go wrong.We may employ a lot of people,but we don’t know what they do,because we don’t really know their jobs.

To me,if you don’t put your whole self into something,don’t care for it enough to make it all it can be and make it succeed,we don’t have ownership at all.We have it,yes,it’s there to look at,but we have not taken ownership.

What is your legacy going to be in life.Will you be known for having things?Or will you be known for making all you can,all of what you have?

There is only one answer I hope you can give.Don’t treat the the things you have in life with disrespect and disregard,Don’t leave it to  others to take care of what you have for you.Jump in and truly love your work,your home,your family.

They deserve that.And to be fair to yourself,you need it too.As the saying goes…Be All You Can Be with what you have.

Take responsibility and take ownership of your life and the things in it.


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