There was a place…

There was a small city where a little girl felt the urge to twirl and spin until she could dance the perfect dance.But she had no music in her tiny house and they had no music in her school.

There was a young man far away from the bustle and noise of cities,who was so great at helping and healing animals,that everyone brought their pets for him to see.But he had no way to improve his skills since there was no money for him to attend college.

Deep in the mountains,there was a brother and sister than were always drawing and carving on every surface they could find.But money for paper and pencils,for paint and canvas,for carving knives and fancy wood was never going to be available to them.Their school didn’t provide the opportunity either and it made them sad and frustrated.

Far away in another country,there was a boy who heard the music and words in his head and wondered why.There was no one around to tell him that what he possessed was a gift from God he might never share.Inside his was a symphony of sound the World needed to hear.

Then there was a little girl who knew the herbs and trees,the flowers and fishes,and her ingenuity could be combined to heal diseases that killed thousands every year.But there was no way for her to study and experiment and create them to share and cure the ill.

In a perfect World,all of these people would be given a way to use the wonderful gifts they’d been given.But their World and ours is far from giving the best education to every child.So music will go unwritten.Dancers will not share their amazing dances,and art will remain locked inside the minds of those meant to shine.

There will be animals lost who could have been healed,and people will die because the little girl couldn’t find a way to share her secrets with the World.

In this day and age,I see no reason why every child can’t shine.We are all born with talents to share.Let’s see to it that everyone finds that gift.

Find Your Light raises money to share with schools so that more genius can be shared.Please help by donating today.Your dollars can help turn on that light for some boy or girl who has so much to share.


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