The Gift of Love

Much thought and energy goes into some gifts that I buy for the special people in my life.Oh, there are times when I rush around and buy the first thing I see, but for the most part, I think things thru before I grab my keys and get in the car to search out the perfect prize.Sometimes I even spot the best of things online and the keys stay in my purse. One thing I never do is waste my energy buying thoughtless gifts.What is the purpose of doing that?If the present isn’t going to useful or funny there is no reason to buy and send it to anyone.

I try to package things up cleverly for the people who live outside my house. Sometimes the bag or box is more important than the gift inside.My strange sense of humour often shows up n the decisions I make, and I hope the recipient understands that. If they don’t get the joke, there’s nothing I can do about it.

One thing I think is very important when giving a piece of myself away in a gift, is that the person who receives it will find some enjoyment from what I’ve sent or delivered. Also, it never hurts to hear they’ve received it  and a word of thanks goes a long way.

The most astounding and well remembered present I ever received was a tiny pair of thermometer earrings my dad gave me one year for Christmas. He never did the shopping for us;it was my mom who did all that stuf. The part of Christmas morning we all got the biggest kick  out of was the little things my mom sought out and put in our stockings. And on  that one very special Christmas, there in the toe of my stocking, sat those amazing earrings. To this day I have them tucked safely away.I will always have that deep down love and appreciation for the thoughtfulness my dad showed by buying them for me.Dad…THANK YOU!!YOU ALWAYS MADE ME FEEL SPECIAL. Your Little Shadow, VerLen


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